Thursday, 24 June 2010

Blackberry Widgets

I've spent the day at Blackberry developer day here in London.

Blackberry 6 will have a Webkit browser and W3C widgets. You apparently have to use their config.xml builder because it adds lots of Blackberry specific things. The output is actually a bloackberry Java application which then has to be signed. It's an interesting approach. Time will tell how easy it really is and how it works. One "gotcha" is that no Javascript is allowed to take more than 10 seconds to run. This is a typical Blackberry thing to do; I can see why they're decided to do it, but it's a very wrong thing to do. How can they say they have a open standards approach when the pull the rug from under the feet of the developer.

Other interesting snippets of information found are:

  • 50% of Blackberry users are now consumers (ie not enterprise)
  • 80% of new Blackberry users are consumers
  • 5 M new users per quarter and many of these are from Indonesia because of the real interest there in BBM (Bloackberry Messaging).

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