Tuesday, 27 July 2010

WAC reaches next stage

WAC (Wholesales Application Community) which is a consortium of operators announced at MWC2010 in Barcelona has now become a separate company and will release an SDK in November. Moving at the speed of a snail this behemoth may be open for the application business some time in 2011. It really just seems an extension of the ideas of JIL which itself is moving too slowly for many's liking.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Android Fail - more!

In the last post I assumed the reason why the Android did not have the latest software was because they had to do months of testing on it. Well I was wrong!! The Android Hero 2.1 upgrade has not been tested properly, certainly roaming has not been tested at all. Currently trying to roam in Greece, when I arrived and switch it on, it tried to get a signal but totally jammed up. Only removing the battery works. The phone is unusable... what a failure! I had to put my SIM in my Nokia N97... that works perfectly.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Vodafone pulls support for Android JIL widgets

Just got an email from Vodafone saying this:

Firstly, many thanks for submitting your widget for Android, we've been really excited about the feedback from the developer community and we're taking steps to improve our current BETA web run time.

We also wanted you to know that we are making some changes to our consumer storefront for widgets on Android devices. This means that unfortunately we are currently unable to accept any more widget submissions for the Android platform at this time. We plan to have things ready for you later in the year.

So they seem to have pulled support for Android for the moment and its not clear when this year it will be switched back on.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Android Fail

Just got my Android 2.1 update for my HTC Hero and I am really disappointed. The browser still does not work at all well. I've been waiting months for this update thinking that the browser in 2.1 would work with my software but it does not - it's a really old webkit version. Certainly the desktop Chrome browser has gone from mediocre to better than Firefox in the last 9 months, so why does Android stick with old versions of webkit?

So here's my conclusions:

Android 2.1.update1 - AppleWebKit/530.17 - old version - fail - does not work
iPhone 4 AppleWebkit/532.9 - recent version works well
Bada Wave AppleWebkit/533.1 - even more recent works well

I am amazed that Samsung Bada has the most up to date browser software. Google need to keep up with their competition this is very poor indeed.

Having said all this, the Android 2.1 browser does work with the sencha.com kitchen sink demo and works OK, but quite slow. It's just I am really disappointed that my software which works well on Bada and iPhone will not run on Android 2.1.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Developer Economics 2010 Report

Just read this excellent 57 page report which is summarised and can be downloaded from here

It discusses much of the appstore economics and its backed up with real data from 400+ developers. At first reading I thought it was too US centric but at the end it clearly shows 1/2 the developers were from Europe.

Lots of great points but one of the best is the disparity between apps and platforms shown in the graph below...

and major conclusion

"In terms of developer mindshare, our research shows that Symbian and Java ME, which dominated the developer mindshare pool until 2008, have been superceded by the Android and iPhone platforms"

well worth a read..