Friday, 16 July 2010

Android Fail

Just got my Android 2.1 update for my HTC Hero and I am really disappointed. The browser still does not work at all well. I've been waiting months for this update thinking that the browser in 2.1 would work with my software but it does not - it's a really old webkit version. Certainly the desktop Chrome browser has gone from mediocre to better than Firefox in the last 9 months, so why does Android stick with old versions of webkit?

So here's my conclusions:

Android 2.1.update1 - AppleWebKit/530.17 - old version - fail - does not work
iPhone 4 AppleWebkit/532.9 - recent version works well
Bada Wave AppleWebkit/533.1 - even more recent works well

I am amazed that Samsung Bada has the most up to date browser software. Google need to keep up with their competition this is very poor indeed.

Having said all this, the Android 2.1 browser does work with the kitchen sink demo and works OK, but quite slow. It's just I am really disappointed that my software which works well on Bada and iPhone will not run on Android 2.1.


  1. Out of interest how do you check your version?

  2. Well, exactly why are they sending old software to HTC Hero's? This update became available to me today (it was not available yesterday) and today I get old software which is older than their competitors are using.