Thursday, 9 September 2010

Apps on TV

Two annoucements in the last week of apps coming to TVs and also rumours of the same from Apple. Today it's announced that Google TV which goes live in the US in the coming weeks will be linked to Android Market place as well as the Chrome Apps store. There will be an interesting battle here between native apps and chrome's installed webapps.

Meanwhile last week Samsung announced widgets delivered from the SamsungApps store to Samsung TVs and have also released SDKs to create the apps. The announcement implied that apps from SamsungApps could be delivered to phones and TVs, but looking at the details this is not the case at all. The TV widgets are specific to TV and apps for phones are specific to phones; this self inflicted fragmentation is similar to the harm been elsewhere with widgets by everyone inventing their own standard.

In a similar vein the fact that Apple TV is based on the the iPhone/iPad OS, the iOS, made people immediately guess at some stage apps would appear on Apple TV although this will not present at launch

There does seem a pattern here in that it seems everyone is trying to get apps running everywhere. The company that gets the same apps running everywhere will be the winner in these battles.

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