Friday, 28 June 2013

PhoneCount now predicting all the way to 2050

Predicting what's going to happen next month and even next year is difficult in this fast moving world but predicting what it will be like in 2050 is nigh on impossible, isn't it?  But, we at like tackling the impossible.

We've built a model of population increasing and phone/devices increasing and put the two together to give us an eye on the future.

One thing you'll notice in our figures is that the number of devices per person in 2050 reaches on average 3.7 devices per person.  You might think this unreasonable but we think it accurate.  We think people will have lots of mobile devices per person, from in-car, in house etc and back to the humble communication device(phone) too.  In fact the Internet of Things will be driving up the number of devices hugely.  For this reason in the model after 2020 we change the word "phone" to "device".

Obviously there is lots to disagree with here so let us know what you think and have fun playing with it.

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